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We are experienced Certified Public Accountants and Consultants.


Finding personal and professional financial success is not always easy, but we can help make it happen. At Kolquist, Seitz & Goldman, we start by listening. By giving you personalized attention, we can truly understand your accounting needs and goals -- and then tailor our services. And because we offer more than traditional accounting services, we can have a broader impact on your financial health.

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Certified Public Accountants

Why Choose Kolquist, Sietz & Goldman?

 Protect Your Income

You work hard for your money. We will work hard to make sure you keep as much as possible by working with our clients to minimize their tax liabilities.

 Accurate Reporting

Keeping track of the changing tax laws can be extremely challenging. Fortunately our team of CPA's stays updated on the tax laws and can assist our clients to get the latest tax benefits.

  Plan for the Future

Many times the decisions you make today will have a big impact on the future. This statement is very accurate with taxes. Allow our team to guide you through the decision making process and create a strategy that allows you to plan for the future accordingly.

 Full Support

Kolquist, Seitz & Goldman has been in public accounting for over 40 years and is filled with experienced and qualified accountants. No problem is too big or too small and our team is always willing to lend a helping hand.


We are proud to be helping our friends and neighbors achieve success. And we would like to help you.

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